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5 Steps To Cleaning A Bathtub

The build up of dirt and grime at the surface of our bathtubs and showers is a slow yet steady process that we sometimes forget about as were seeing it everyday without much change in coloration. As the grimy stuff accumulates, it makes it harder and harder for us to scrub it clean through the […]

Fall Cleaning Tips: How To Get Your House Ready For The Winter

Fall is officially here and we wont be seeing anymore warm, musky days so it’s time to open up the windows to let the breeze roll through and dig in to the last major cleaning before winter comes! Lets go over some basic yet important cleanup and home maintenance tips. If you haven’t turned your […]

10 Tips For Back To School Organization

We at QC Cleaning would like to share some our best tips for back to school organization as Professional Organizers! Here are our top ten tips that will make the transition back to school as smooth as can be for everyone in the house: 10. Make sure the clothes are washed, laid out and ready […]

10 Household Cleaning Uses For Lemon Juice

For most of us our only familiarity with using lemons is to add some splendid flavor to a recipe we’ve been working on, or perhaps in adding it to some freshly brewed iced tea, but the majority of us probably don’t know how beneficial lemons can be to household cleaning! Lemons are full of citric […]

The Best Ways To Remove Pet Hair From Your Home

Nowadays our pets aren’t just considered our best friends as we often call them our children and babies! As much as we enjoy their company, at times we need to remove pet hair from our homes. Even with regular bathing, grooming, and care, our pets leave hair all over our homes! In this house cleaning guild […]

5 Tips for Living Clutter Free in the Summer

Summer is almost here and the kids will be home from school all day! Here in the Phoenixville School District, kids are typically let out of school for summer around June 10th. Most of us who work during the week, or stay at home, feel we need a vacation too! Summer is the perfect time […]

Great Tips To Organize Kids Rooms

Have you ever said these three words to the kids: “Clean Your Room!”? Can we keep ourselves from ever having to say this? We sure can try with some great organizing ideas for the kids’ rooms! Think like they do! First off, before we get started with our organizing, lets try to put ourselves in […]

10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For A Fast Clean Up

When it’s the time of year that we start to use our screen windows and doors spring is just around the corner and our house is calling for it’s clean up before summer comes! In this post we’ll go over ten easy cleaning tips for a fast clean up around the house! 1. Get the […]

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has finally started to fill the air with jacket-free temperatures when we step outside! Before you can open up the windows, consider cleaning them with the help of our spring cleaning checklist! Yes, we’re talking about spring cleaning. To make this daunting task seem a little more manageable, we’ve created a handy-dandy spring cleaning […]

House Cleaning & Home Organizing Checklist

House cleaning and organizing in the winter cold is never fun for our clients, but once in a while tidying up is needed in-between our professional house cleaning services.  It’s the start of February, the coldest time of the year here in Phoenixville, Pa and it’s the perfect time to catch up on indoor chores […]