Back to School Organizing

10 Tips For Back To School Organization

We at QC Cleaning would like to share some our best tips for back to school organization as Professional Organizers! Here are our top ten tips that will make the transition back to school as smooth as can be for everyone in the house:

10. Make sure the clothes are washed, laid out and ready for the kids to select their back to school outfits without going foraging through drawers when it’s a school morning and show time!

9. Get the bathrooms organized and ready for the kids to prepare for their day or for you to assist them through the morning routine.

8. Get the alarm clocks out and set them for the appropriate time! Make sure there is no clutter in the area where it is kept and is used daily.

7. If you received information from the school on what school supplies each child should have then make sure that their book bag is all packed up and ready to be strapped on.

6. Find out what the school bus schedule is before the first day so everyone can be prepared for the expected pick-up time. If you drive the children to school, plan your route and estimate your arrival time at school to see if they will be both safe and on time. It’s best to have this information in the area of the home you always visit before leaving the house such as the kitchen.

5. Organize the snacks and tupperware areas of your kitchen making it easy to pack lunches when the time comes on the morning of a school day or the night prior.

4. If you have the luxury of designating space in your home as a learning center, supply it with everything you think the kids will need to get their homework done after school.

3. For parents with children who participate in afterschool activities or sports, get the schedule for practices and meets then get to know the afterschool bus schedule or the time you can expect to pick them up from school.

2. Plan dinners and organize your kitchen well before the time to cook comes so the kids get a healthy meal!

1. Schedule both your home cleaning and organizing dates to keep up with the new busy back to school schedule!