Valentines Day Cleaning

House Cleaning & Home Organizing Checklist

House cleaning and organizing in the winter cold is never fun for our clients, but once in a while tidying up is needed in-between our professional house cleaning services.  It’s the start of February, the coldest time of the year here in Phoenixville, Pa and it’s the perfect time to catch up on indoor chores that loved ones can appreciate before Valentines day!  With that, we here at QC Cleaning are excited to share our best tips for getting cleaned up and organized in this last stretch of winter while enjoying the warmth indoors!

1. Embrace the Nesting!

Launder all your home’s bedding this month to get each room clean and ready for spring.
Clean all bed linens, including comforters, duvets, bed skirts, pillows, etc. Launder what you can; dry-clean the rest.

2. Pillow Fluffing

Fluff up down pillows with a short spin in the dryer (no or low heat).

3. Linens and Towels

This is an especially good time to clean out your linen closet. Rotate little used linens and towels to the front lines. Launder everything.

4. Flip the Mattresses

Keep your mattresses comfort level high by flipping it!

5. Tackle the Shelves

Clean bookshelves. Take everything down and dust. Now, consider very carefully what you return to the shelf. Does it really deserve to be there? Or would it be happier in a second-hand bookstore?

7. Clear the Air

Replace the filter in your heating unit, nows a good time when our heater is used most.

8. Freshen Up the Walls

Check walls for nail holes, blemishes, scuffs and do any light indoor repairs you wouldn’t want to tackle once it’s warm out.

9. Big Appliances

Get your significant other to help you move all the large appliances out from the walls so you can vacuum behind and underneath them. Change the water filter for the fridge while you’re back there!

We hope you enjoyed our top winter house cleaning tips! Reach out to us today to schedule a free quote at (484) 334-3033.