Cleaning A House of Pet Hair

The Best Ways To Remove Pet Hair From Your Home

Nowadays our pets aren’t just considered our best friends as we often call them our children and babies! As much as we enjoy their company, at times we need to remove pet hair from our homes. Even with regular bathing, grooming, and care, our pets leave hair all over our homes! In this house cleaning guild for your home, we’ll take a look at the best ways to manage and remove pet hair!

So where do we start? As pet owners we find their hair on our cloths, upholstery, carpet, floor and other surfaces. Having a designated play area with pet toys, like the dog & cat toys at our local Phoenixville Pet Supplies Plus, can help keep pet hair more consolidated in our area of our home.  You can train them to enjoy these spaces of your home with treats and chewable toys found at nearby Maddie’s Castle Pet Boutique on Bridge Street in Phoenixville.  

Normal dusting will be near impossible to do the trick anymore with a pet in the house! Consider buying a special “pet hair magnet” or “stick lint/hair removal” device to help in addition to vacuum regularly with a pet hair attachment or setting if you’re lucky enough to have one. Run it on floors, walls, windows, doors and furniture! Don’t forget the hidden places like corners, under and behind furniture, behind curtains etc. Specialty products such as the “FurMaster” sold on places such as Amazon might be worth checking out if you don’t have a professional cleaner!

Let’s say after all this you still can’t seem to get the hair in your house under control; you can try moping with sponge after vacuuming. Lightly dampen a clean, regular sponge and mop the place where the hair is accumulating, on your carpet for example, with your new homemade hair tool. A damp sponge will help the hair get moisturized and when the hair gets wet, it will be heavier and easy to pick up. Once the hair is removed, wipe the surface down until it’s dry or air-dry it.

Hopefully these pet hair removal tricks and tips help make for a cleaner house but just remember there are always professional house cleaners like us at QC Cleaning standing by to take these types of messes off of your hands!