Lemon Juice Cleaner

10 Household Cleaning Uses For Lemon Juice

For most of us our only familiarity with using lemons is to add some splendid flavor to a recipe we’ve been working on, or perhaps in adding it to some freshly brewed iced tea, but the majority of us probably don’t know how beneficial lemons can be to household cleaning! Lemons are full of citric acid and with their low pH and antibacterial elements they can be a great alternative for regular household cleaners. In this article we’ll cover 10 household cleaning uses for lemon juice incase you run out of cleaner and you haven’t called a professional cleaner yet!

1. Cleaning Copper

Have you ever wondered how you can clean up your pesky copper bathroom fixtures and the pots and pans on display from when you were gifted them at your wedding! Well, you can use salt and lemon juice to clean copper items and make them spotless!

2. Cleaning the Microwave

Cleaning your microwave and getting it lemon-fresh is easier than you think! Place a bowl of lemon juice in your microwave and set it for three minutes. After ten minutes has gone by, wipe down the inside of microwave and enjoy the cleanliness!

3. Laminate Counter Tops

To clean your counter tops with lemon juice you’ll first need to dilute it with some water then you can spray the counters as you would a kitchen cleaner. Once you’ve cleaned them to your satisfaction, rinse the surface with water and dry it for best results.

4. Grout

All too often our kitchen and bathroom tiles are forgotten about and the grout gets discolored but luckily with just a brush for scrubbing and our lemon juice we can restore their appearance!

5. Plastic Containers

To get our handy plastic containers and tupper wear back to new after leftovers have stained them, soak them in lemon-diluted water and let them sit to loosen up the grimy stuff.

6. Refresh Your Freezer

To get rid of odors in your freezer as well as stains from spills and leaks, first scrub it with a water mix then place a cup with lemon juice in your freezer. This will protect it from bad odor, especially if you keep and replace the lemon juice!

7. Hard Water Stains

Lemon works as a magic solution for getting rid of hard water stains. Cut a lemon in half, rub it on hard water stain, wash it off with water then towel it dry for a magic show before your eyes!

8. Mineral Build Up Solution

All too often our tea and coffee cups get mineral build up from repeated use overtime but our lemon juice or lemon slices can help in combination with boiling water in your coffee pot or tea cattle. Boil for a few minutes then check on their status. Once you think they’re ready, rinse, dry, and enjoy!

9. Glass Windows and Doors

Just as you would use Windex to remove dirt from windows and doors, you can spray lemon juice on them and wipe them down for a clear view!

10. Dish Washer Cleaner

The last but not least use for lemon juice when cleaning is adding a little to your regular dish washing cleaner for a zesty clean smell and added antibacterial power! Hope you’ve enjoyed our latest top ten list!