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Study Finds Clean and Organized Homes Reduce Stress

The popular online blog and news network best known as ‘The Huffington Post’ conducted a nationwide survey that included one thousand participants not long ago to find out what some of the most stressful things are that everyday Americans face at home. We at QC Cleaning were surprised to find something directly related to our services in the top five stress triggers, lets take a look at what they are:

The top of the list of what people are most stressed over at home won’t come as much of a surprise to most with the busy schedules we face today. At number one 66% of people stressed over not getting enough sleep, 56% percent worried about their weight, 51% of people in the survey were stressed over not being able to pay their bills and the fourth most stressful applied to 48% of the people surveyed which was the feeling of guilt over not being productive enough at home. Now the kicker, coming in at number five on the list, 47% of the of people surveyed said that worrying about their home not being clean or organized is a stress trigger for them at home. This is nearly half of the people that participated in the study.

Is it fair to assume that most everyone in the stressed category regarding home cleaning and organization does not take advantages of services like ours? We think so! Having a professional organizer not only makes your home easier to navigate, it does the same thing for your brain in relieving stress and the same goes for a well done house cleaning!

photo credit: Helene Mayer