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10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For A Fast Clean Up

When it’s the time of year that we start to use our screen windows and doors spring is just around the corner and our house is calling for it’s clean up before summer comes! In this post we’ll go over ten easy cleaning tips for a fast clean up around the house!

1. Get the Fabrics in Order: Wash the pillow covers, mattress pad and pillows (that can be washed) from everyone’s bed as well as any from couches! After this do a separate load of laundry with kitchen, doorway and bathroom mats!

2. Sanitize the Work Areas: Whether it’s you desk, where your children do their homework or the computer of your significant other, take a lightly dampened microfiber cloth and wipe down commonly used surfaces.

3. The Microwave: Our microwaves can get quite grimy if you don’t have regularly scheduled cleanings or keep up with it on your own. Give the microwave a good cleaning and if there are any unwanted smells you can slice a lemon in half and let it sit on high for a few minutes for a nice citrus scent!

4. Area Rugs: Any area rugs that are easily moved and carried around should be taken outside and shaken thoroughly! Hang them outside for an hour or so before bringing them back in to minimize dust.

5. Bring Spring Inside: Now’s the perfect time of year to gather a few potted plants to strategically place around the house in the sun and watch the flowers bloom!

6. Empty the Fridge: Just before a good grocery overhaul let your fridge get near empty to make it easy for a thorough cleaning throughout!

7. Garbage Odors: Our garbage can have one of the most important jobs in the house but they are easy to forget to maintain! Just incase anything seeped through a bag, take the cans outside for a good rinse with baking soda then let them dry-out upside down!

8. Toiletries: In your bathroom, see if your toothbrush or shower sponge needs replacing, it’s a good idea to replace these every few months. Now is also a good time to throw away and old medicines that you’re unsure of the expiry on.

9. The Garage: If you don’t plan on having organizers like ourselves come out and help minimize clutter for extra space, consider an overhaul of your garage where you remove most everything and then use a strategy for the placement of everything when you put it back together again!

10. The Yard: Last but certainly not least, if you have a yard and one with tree branches that have fallen over the winter or leaves left from the fall, take a few hours to roam your grass and get rid of it so it’s ready for the first lawn mowing!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has finally started to fill the air with jacket-free temperatures when we step outside! Before you can open up the windows, consider cleaning them with the help of our spring cleaning checklist! Yes, we’re talking about spring cleaning. To make this daunting task seem a little more manageable, we’ve created a handy-dandy spring cleaning checklist. We’ve organized the cleaning checklist room by room!


Clean windows and windowsills
Vacuum curtains
Dust corners for cobwebs
Steam clean carpets and rugs
Sweep and mop floors
Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
Replace light bulbs as needed
Test batteries in smoke detectors
Disinfect door knobs, cabinet handles and light switches

Clean appliances:
Toaster / toaster oven
Refrigerator and freezer
Scrub stovetop / range
Clear out cabinets and wash shelves
Sanitize sink and clean drain
Clean behind and beneath refrigerator

Organize drawers and closets
Wash bedding and pillows
Rotate mattress
Disinfect kid’s toys

Organize cabinets and drawers
Clean backsplash and countertops
Clean sink and shine faucet
Scrub the shower and bathtub
Wash shower curtain
Clean the toilet

Clean keyboard
Wipe down computer monitor
Disinfect computer mouse and phone
Clear away the clutter

Wipe down television screen
Dust / vacuum furniture
Clean fireplace

Clean behind washer and dryer
Thoroughly clean lint trap in dryer and washer

Wash screens
Organize garage
Clean deck and outdoor furniture
Hose-out garbage can and recycling bins
Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of the Spring Cleaning Checklist. No sweat, right?  Give us a call for all of your house cleaning and home organizing needs as we are standing by and happy to help! 🙂

8 Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

For many of us spring is the time to refresh and rejuvenate our home with the ‘spring cleaning’ we all know and love! It’s time to get a fresh start in cleanliness, to open the windows up and embrace the temperatures of April and May. For us pet owners, though, we know we aren’t the only ones with a bounce in our step around this time of year as our pets our ready to enjoy the weather too! In this article we’ll look at eight tips to add to a spring-cleaning checklist that will improve the well being of our pets through the summer as they come in and out of the house with us.

1. Clean out the Pantry

Just as with the human section of the panty, it’s time to check the pet food to see if any of it has expired. Most pet food will keep for a long time but in case there are some expired foods, throw them away.

2. Clean the Carrier and Crate

Not all pet owners have carrier cages and/or crates for their pets but we who do know how they can get forgotten about when it comes to cleaning because it’s hard for us humans to get a proper glance in them. Give them a thorough spring-cleaning and your pets will appreciate it but don’t forget about the one in the car!

3. Wash Your Pet’s Dishes

How often do you clean your pet’s dishes? If you don’t clean your pet’s dishes at least once a week, now might be a good time to clean some in advance so your pet can have a clean dish all the time with a backup incase you have trouble getting into the cleaning routine.

4. Check Your Pet’s Toy Box

Go through your pet’s toy box and get rid of some of the old, slobber covered toys to make room for the new! If you know it’s your pet’s favorite even though the toy has been through a lot, clean the toy to get rid of germs but don’t forget to treat your pet with a new toy!

5. Clean Your Pet’s Bedding

For those of us with pets that shed a fair amount of hair, we know all to well that cleaning our pet’s bed can be a tedious task! To avoid relying on our washer machines to wash the bedding and remove all the hair, designate a $3 lint roller to your pets bed to remove as much hair as possible before washing.

6. Clean Your Pet’s Winter Clothes

Our pets are part of the family, some of us dress them to keep them warm when were out and about! Before packing their winter clothes up for the summer, along with our own, lets give their little coats and booties a thorough cleaning!

7. Clean the Collars and Leashes

Let’s not forget about their collars and leashes, they need cleaning too, plain and simple!

8. Check for a First Aid Kit

Check to see if you have a pet first aid kit and if you don’t have one, get one! Have a safe and fun filled summer with your pet without any concerns!