Holiday House Cleaning

Holiday Cleaning – Getting Your Home Ready For Guests

It’s the time of year again when many of us will be preparing our homes for guests to celebrate the holidays with! So what should we focus on cleaning around the house in anticipation without going overboard?

The entryways of your home are the very first area your guests will see. Sometimes doors themselves can be forgotten so in addition to the doormat and walkway outside, wipe down the front door for a nice appearance! After outside is taken care of, come inside to get started on the area where guests will take their coats off and possible their shoes.

The next two main areas of focus will be the family or dining room, where the guests typically talk and eat with one another, the other is the kitchen. People gather around the kitchen a lot during the holiday so make sure your fridge and sink are looking nice! Be sure the dining room table is clean, chairs are available for guests and the floors look nice in the living room!

Don’t miss the bathrooms! Last but certainly not least, make sure you bathrooms are nice and clean when you have your guests over and there are adequate toiletries. Clear off the sink counter top or vanity, wipe down the floor, shine up the toilet and the shower or tub too if it’s exposed!

So that does it for our quick tip for the holidays when preparing to have guests over, have fun with family leading up to the New Year!