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5 Insider Tips From Professional Organizers

Organizing your home can be a tenuous task, especially given our modern day schedules including having school in session and holidays around the corner. Here are 5 inside tips that we as professional organizers act on when decluttering and organizing a home!

Minimize The Paper

Sorting through loose leaf paper, envelopes, junk mail, bills, receipts, catalogs and magazines alike can take much more time than most people think. We have a number of high tech resources at our fingertips today to move closer to a paper free home.

Remove Clutter, But Don’t Add Storage Space

The goal in organizing your home should be to have a little clutter as possible without needing to add storage space such as bins and baskets to hold the things that are being organized. While this is great for creating a clutter free environment, it could lead to buying even more bins if we are cluttered again!

Donating Unwanted Household Items

When organizing a home, a fun and efficient way to add to the decluttering process is to designate a box to donations. Seek out organizations such as “The Purple Heart” where you can donate clothes for example.

Label Things Around The House

Lets face it, we have a whole lot of stuff in our homes and don’t always have designated places for things like shoes, clothes, kitchen panty items and cooking utensils. Adding small post-it sized notes in closet space could make the difference when putting things away in the spot you chose for them.

Get Dividers

Dividers for drawers, closet space and shelving can help separate making for an easier time putting things away around the house and finding them when the time comes. If you know the dimensions of a drawer, a nightstand or desk for example, you can buy assorted drawer divided bins and designate each one to a different item.