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Organizing & Cleaning Tips for Your Homes New Year’s Resolution

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that the New Year has come and the craziness of the holidays has passed, allowing us to make or break resolutions we set for ourselves in 2016!

With the New Year come additions to our houses in the form of gifts and possibly new decorations that were added that we’ll be putting away if we haven’t already done so, needless to say we have more stuff around the house than any other time of the year.

Here are three quick organizing and cleaning tips your house will appreciate for your New Year resolution:

1. In with the new, out with the old. A good post holiday rule is that for every new item brought in, recycle or donate an old item that the new might be replacing to preserve space and keep from clutter.

2. Categorize and label. We recommend using a professional home organizing service like our own to straiten the home out but if this is something you try to take on yourself, label as many boxes and bins as you can for storage or easy access!

3. A cleaning schedule. Once all the clutter is taken care of after a good organizing, it’s much easier to maintain the cleanliness of a home. Hire a professional cleaning service to come every few weeks or mark on your calendar when you’d like to do touch-ups so dirt and dust doesn’t have a chance of taking over!

Keeping your home organized and clean will make the rest of your resolutions breeze by making for a stress free, enjoyable 2016!