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Cleaning A Bath Tub

5 Steps To Cleaning A Bathtub

The build up of dirt and grime at the surface of our bathtubs and showers is a slow yet steady process that we sometimes forget about as were seeing it everyday without much change in coloration. As the grimy stuff accumulates, it makes it harder and harder for us to scrub it clean through the layers; so once we finally realize and act on our now discolored bathtub we may have a mess on our hands! In this article we’ll go over 5 helpful steps to cleaning a bathtub for a like-new shine!

1. Rinse the bathtub

To play it safe, skip running for our cleaning solution and scrub materials right away and give the tub a good rinse. We’ll want to get rid of any loose debris such as tiny pebbles from dirt, sand and anything else that could potentially scratch the surface of our tubs if they get in between it and our scrubbing. Rinse twice to be extra careful!

2. Spray bathtub cleaner

You may want to seek out a certain type of cleaner depending on the surface material or your bathtub. Take whichever bathtub cleaner you chose, whether it’s liquid or powder, and spray it on the tub or apply it according to the instructions. Cover the entire area that is in need of cleaning!

3. Wait for ten minutes

Once the cleaner is covering the entire surface, it’s important to let it sit in the tub for around ten minutes so the cleaner can eat away at and soften the elements in the tub. This will not only make for an easier scrubbing experience but it will also disinfect so sit back and give it some time!

4. Scrub well

The cleaner that you chose to soak your tub with in preparation for scrubbing should have some information in the instructions as to what type of scrubber you should use with it for best results. If not, use a kitchen sponge or a soft cloth. Scrub the surface until it shines! Pay special attention to the faucet and drain areas, as this is where build up tends to occur. Give your fixtures a shine while you’re at it!

5. Rinse properly

Take a bucket of water or a mobile shower head and rinse all over the bathtub properly. You may want to rinse once or twice in the process of scrubbing and reapplying the cleaner if your bathtub is extra dirty. With the conclusion of your final rinse, start to enjoy your clean, like-new bathtub and don’t let it go too long before you give it it’s next clean!

How to Clean Blinds Effectively

How to Clean Blinds Effectively

Window blinds are a true convenience when it comes to privacy for houses and apartments alike. Having the ability to let the sun shine through the windows and into ones home at the flick of a wrist is certainly handy, it isn’t until it comes to cleaning the blinds that the potential for trouble sets in as removing dust can be a daunting task! Depending on the type of window blinds you have and the material they’re made of, they may gather more dust than others so clean accordingly and regularly! In this article we’ll give you some tips to make cleaning your window blinds easier and more effective.

1. The easiest way to start getting a handle on keeping your blinds clean is to get a feather duster that you can run in-between each individual blind on occasion to keep them up to par in cleanliness.

2. Take a portable vacuum nozzle and run it along the blinds to remove dust and dirt.

3. Consider using vinegar. Wear a rubber glove and dip your finger in a bowl of vinegar then simply wipe the blinds down by placing your finger in between the slats of the blinds.

4. Use a soapy sponge. Dip your sponge in warm soapy water and wipe the blonds down repeatedly until clean.

5. Buy a window blind cleaning tool! For just a few dollars you can buy a brush specifically for window blinds from Amazon for example.

6. Get a microfiber towel to pick up hard to remove dust.

7. If your blinds are made of fabric and it seems your not making progress, take them to your nearby dry cleaner.

8. Take the blinds down and bring them outside to be sprayed with water and subsequently dried!

This includes our insider tips on how to clean those pesky yet appreciated window blinds!