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5 Smart Home Organizing Products and Ideas

We at QC Cleaning have organized countless homes and have gotten to know the spaces, nooks, and crannies in residences from top to bottom! While our services have never required that homeowners purchase any products whatsoever for their home to be fantastically organized, we have certainly come across some spaces where a simple home organizing product would be ideal and here are our five smart home organizing products & ideas!

1. Clothing and Closet Storage – One of the most difficult to maintain areas of the home when it comes to organization is your closet storage area because we interact with it so often as we change clothes and do laundry day to day. But we’re here to help! The best way to manage closet and clothing storage is with simple and inexpensive products such as clothes hangers that store multiple pieces of clothing on one hanger and closet storage racks where folded clothes, shoes and purses can be stored neatly.

2. Kitchen Storage – When it comes to kitchens there are two main places that typically need most of the organizing and they are in the cabinets and on top of your counters. Often we have counters with little room left for good cooking because of too many appliances and utensils but products such as pot racks, coffee k-cup organizers and minimalist dish racks can save loads of space making for a great cooking area! There are also some really great cabinet organizers out there that

3. Laundry Storage & Organization – Laundry organization is right up there with our closet space because the two interact on a daily basis! Since we see these so often it’s easy to forget how important laundry baskets and hampers are. Consider updating your hamper to something neatly disguised as a decorative item for your room or hallway! You can also save space with foldable drying racks and door-mounted laundry baskets for the kids!

4. Office & Desk Organization – If you work from home, have kids in need of homework space or just like to have your own computer time in an office type of environment in your home then you know that the desktop can be a little hard to keep in check at times. Consider getting letter and file organizers if you tend to accumulate loose-leaf paper and files, you can also get desk supply organizers for pens, pencils, and other small items to keep them all in one place!

5. Garage Storage & Organization – Garages are our specialties! Garages and attics can be the most time consuming areas of the home to clean and organize due to the amount of stuff normally taking up the space! The best way to organize your garage and preserve space is to use vertical storage products. Bins and shelving that you can put up against the wall of your garage can save tons of space and keep a garage organized. Also consider getting racks for any broom, shovels or rakes your might store in your garage along with other yard tools!

And that does it, our top 5 smart products and ideas for home organizing!