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Fall Cleaning Tips: How To Get Your House Ready For The Winter

Fall is officially here and we wont be seeing anymore warm, musky days so it’s time to open up the windows to let the breeze roll through and dig in to the last major cleaning before winter comes! Lets go over some basic yet important cleanup and home maintenance tips.

If you haven’t turned your mattress over and washed all of your bedding, now is a good time before breaking out the thicker sheets for a cozier nights sleep, this includes comforters, pillows, linens and blankets.

Next, think of all the grass and dirt tracked throughout the house if shoes or sandals were worn inside over the summer, it’s the best time of year to perform a professional carpet cleaning. The same goes for window cleaning, inside and out before the cold comes, keeping everyone indoors.

Aside from these basic and important tasks, if you don’t already get professional cleanings regularly, it’s time for a deep clean throughout the whole house – top to bottom!

Moving on to home maintenance, it’s time to check if the furnace is ready for the cold weather so make sure the filter is changed and everyone can enjoy clean, crisp air! Homeowners with the pleasure of having fire places should check the flue, which is inside the chimney where all the smoke rises to come out of the roof, and have a professional fireplace cleaner take care of it if it’s wood burning.

On to the outside of the home! Leaves! Check all of your gutters, or hire a professional to do so, and then get rid of all of the leaves by bringing them out to the street before the leave trucks come to take them away.

That does it for a simple inside and outside the home tips list for fall cleaning and home maintenance. Enjoy the fall colors for a little while before the excitement of snow showers arises!