5 Tips for Living Clutter Free in the Summer

Summer is almost here and the kids will be home from school all day! Most of us who work during the week, or stay at home, feel we need a vacation too! Summer is the perfect time to work on some new household habits when it comes to cleaning and organizing to give yourself more time to enjoy your free time! So let’s go over 5 quick yet powerful tips to help us live clutter free during the summer!

1. Everything has its own place! We’ve all heard of this before but what does it really mean? It means that not only do you know where everything goes around the house but the kids also have a good idea and can put things back where they belong!

2. Entrance Spaces! In the summer our doors are always opened and the shoes and sandals are less likely to be put away with such inviting weather outside! Continuing on the ‘everything has a place’ mentality, have somewhere specific to store all of the shoes where it’s easy accessible!

3. Toy and Electronics! iPads, iPods, Kindles, and even Legos all are items that we never want lost and we know the kids and adults want readily available! Get some small baskets or table arrangements that can add to the décor of the house and do away with clutter.

4. Clear the floor! This may just be the easiest clutter rule out there but one of the hardest to follow. Having a floor clear of any items can make your living space seem much larger and roomier with a minimal-feel that most of us are looking for. If you don’t set stuff down on the floor, you won’t need to remove it so be sure to have everyone in the house place things in their designated spot!

5. The Outdoor areas! With all of the lawn work going on and the lawn toys of the kids that may be scattered around the outdoor spaces, pick up some bins or outdoor furniture with build in storage to tend to any clutter! Whether it’s the an outdoor kitchen, a patio area, the driveway or a pool area, there are a bunch of creative ways to make for hiding away anything worthy of clutter!